Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Class

Share the gift of Reiki with others!

Reiki I helped you reconnect with your physical form, and Reiki II lead you to heal the physical body, emotional body and mental body. Now, raise you energy frequency and take the next step and become a teacher by learning to give this ability to others.

During the Reiki Master Attunement you will receive three master symbols. Each has its own energy frequency and is used in the attunement process. You will learn their names, meanings, what they do in great detail and how they are used to attune others into Reiki.

  • Learn the names, meanings and uses of the Reiki Master Symbols (Usui and Tibetan).
  • Receive a Master/Teacher Attunement along with learning how to give Attunements to others.
  • Receive information and training on teaching classes.
  • A complete binder is provided, including lesson plans and illustrated templates.
  • A Master/Teacher Certificate is awarded with all homework completed.

Becoming a Reiki Master continues and expands your ability in Reiki and strengthens your experience of Peace, Joy, Love and Abundance that the path of Reiki brings. Whether you want to actively teach or just further explore Reiki, this class is for you.