Reiki II Certification Class


Step up and make a difference?

Move your sessions to the next level of power!

Reiki II will move you into a higher energy vibration and you will begin to heal not only the physical body, but the emotional and mental bodies as well. It will bring more personal growth and your intuitive abilities are intensified. You can begin to send healing energy to people hundreds of miles away or just around the corner.

During the Reiki Attunement you will receive three symbols. Each has its own unique energy frequency and will accomplish something different. You will learn their names, meanings and what they do in great detail.

You will have:

  • Complete understanding of the symbols and mantras
  • Experience giving and receiving a healing treatment with the new symbols
  • In-depth understanding and experience on how to do a Distant Healing session
  • Learn about working professionally
  • Receive a Reiki II Certificate