Introduction to IEH Intuitive Energy Healing®

Introduction to Level I Training — Begin Your New Life Now!

This workshop is an introduction to a new way to transform your life. Experience three different frequencies of healing energy that you can run through your body for personal healing.

  • Finding life painful or dull?
  • Looking for freedom from past limitations?
  • Wanting to improve your health and your life?
  • Searching for clear guidance?
  • Curious about energy you can’t see?

Level I gives you Simple Tools for walking your Life Path successfully, and prepares you for the life changing processes of Level II.

  • It will improve your health, develop your intuition, and teach you how to work with you higher-self!
  • Learn about Three specific energy frequencies and how to run them through your body for healing!
  • Understand a format for self-healing you can use every day!
  • Better guidance for meditation!

Enroll now, see your reality in a totally new way, and feel better by the end of the workshop!