IEH Level II Practitioner Certification

IEH is a co-creative healing system.

Level I Certificate Required
1 Day 8 Hours

For all IEH Level I Grads who want to amplify their healing abilities and work as IEH Practitioners NOW!

• Feel the joy of answering your Heart’s calling to serve others.
• Find Inner Peace as you fully open to the IEH healing energies of Wisdom,
Love, and Creation.
• Expand your horizons and develop a new source of income.
• Grow spiritually with every Energy Session you give.

Join me for a day of Love, Joy, and Healing!

• Your attunement connects you to the whole IEH Team.
• You receive the Three Symbols that empower the Three Frequencies you
learned in IEH Level I.
• Practice giving and receiving the unique IEH Hands-on Healing.
• Learn about business and ethics of working professionally.
• Finish the day by receiving your Certificate and leave ready to work as
an IEH II Practitioner! 

IEH is a Spiritual Growth Course as well as a Healing System.