IEH Intuitive Energy Healing® Master/Teacher Certification


Share your gifts with others!

Pre-requisite(s): IEH Level III Practitioner Certification, an interview, and a written application.

NOTE: Students who have previously completed the IEH Master Class may take the expanded IEH Master Teacher Training for half price and must complete the one year apprenticeship in order to teach IEH classes.

IEH Master Teacher Certification is for all Level III Practitioners who have personally experienced the transformational power of IEH and feel a strong calling to share it with others. As an IEH teacher, you come to understand the lessons and receive the benefits at a whole new level. The IEH Master energy also brings a higher frequency of light, growth, and healing to all of your classes, workshops, and private healing sessions.

The Master Certification program is a one year apprenticeship which includes:

  • At least eight one day workshops throughout the year
  • Audits of all IEH workshops
  • Teacher training and practice
  • The complete binders of all materials and manuals, including meditation scripts and teaching notes
  • A one hour private coaching session each month.
  • The Master Teacher Attunement with four powerful symbols from St. Germain
  • Certification as a Registered IEH Master Teacher, qualified to teach IEH classes.