IEH Intuitive Energy Healing® Level II – Personal Transformation Certification

Pre-requisite(s): IEH Level I Certificate required.

This training is a metaphysical course covering spiritual growth, personal transformation, and the principles of working with unseen energy. It provides opportunities for the emotional/mental healing necessary to be physically healthy, to expand consciousness, to embody more light, and to be of service to others.

The 8 units of this training create deep, profound changes within you, and therefore, time is needed for integration. (Do the work and benefits are guaranteed!) So Level II meets one day a month for eight months. Each unit is complete within itself. After completing the Level I Introduction, you may come to any Level II Training Workshop that looks interesting to you. Or complete all eight units and receive your IEH Level II Personal Transformation Certificate.

This training Includes:

  • (Unit 1) Listening to the Wisdom of Our Bodies
  • (Unit 2) Cell Level Healing and The Power of Forgiveness
  • (Unit 3) Setting Intention and Healing With Visualization

With these five units, we will be healing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. You will learn valuable skills for clearing your old energy patterns, blocks, and programming and for creating the life you desire.

  • (Unit 4) Chakra Introduction and Chakras 1
  • (Unit 5) Chakras 2 & 3
  • (Unit 6) Chakras 4 & 5
  • (Unit 7) Chakras 6 & 7
  • (Unit 8) Chakras in Hands & Feet

Upgrade your chakra system with these five units. Learn what chakras are and how they work. Then, using the unique IEH techniques, clear old programming and chronic problems in your chakras and activate your true potential.