Crystals & Gemstones: An Introduction Class

  • Ever wonder what draws people to a specific crystal?
  • How the vibration reacts with you?
  • They look pretty but what do they do?

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, this is the class for you.

You will learn to tap into the power of Crystals and Gemstones as tools. This introductory workshop will teach you to understand how the different characteristics of Crystals and Gemstones react to us on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

You will:

  • Be introduced to a large variety of Crystals & Gemstones
  • Understand how easy it is to balance, clear, and energize the different Chakra
  • Learn the dynamic effect Gemstones have on the aura system
  • Become aware of why you are drawn to certain Crystals

There will be gemstones for the chakra, for meditation purposes, and to enhance you psychic abilities. You will understand the importance of keeping you and your field clean and clear and how the Stones can do this easily for you. You will understand how to integrate the Crystals and Gemstones for healing and balancing the body, mind, and spirit.