Advanced Reiki Techniques Class

Did you know your Breath can heal?

Do you use your imagination to its fullest measure?

By stretching your mind and creativity you can take your Healings to a new level. Even using the way you look with your eyes can heal. In this class we will explore different combinations using breath, sight and a multitude of tools at your disposal. By using a variation of these techniques, listening to your higher guidance, and expanding your imagination it will allow your healings to attain a new level.

We will experience:

  • How to use the Breath in your healing
  • Understanding the benefits gained with the use of Sight
  • Different Tools that are available and how to use them
  • Exercises to help focus the mind
  • and much more!

You will be part of the hands on demonstrations so you can feel and experience for yourself the difference it makes. I will stretch you and challenge your imagination to take another step forward. It will take you to new understandings of energy.